The objective

Thales can offer career opportunities that would have computer scientists and electronics students climbing over each other for the graduate and internship programme places. The problem is, many people view Thales as a defence company - if they know of them at all!

Thales needed a flexible, visually arresting employer brand concept that raised the quality of applications by effectively communicating what the company was really about; that the company’s people join forces to work on cutting-edge projects across numerous industries.

The solution

We developed the ‘Together we’ concept, a message that encapsulates the importance of their work and the diversity of projects, the innovation and technology involved, the business’s global nature, and the emphasis on teamwork.

Visualised through a range of Thales’ projects constructed by points of light,with each luminous dot representing a Thales employee, the overarching message,look and feel, permeated the suite of collateral and experiences we created.

Graduate website

The site was expanded to include animated business overview video and candidate focussed tools. These included WhatsApp and Snapchat details so students could talk directly to a human being, as well as the ‘Study Buddy’.

View website here

Study Buddy

This is an online revision and wellbeing resource for graduates that was also a smart way of getting candidates engaged with the brand at a time when they’re generally not thinking about jobs (April/May). Promoted online, it also appeared at on-campus events in a “breakout” area complete with a two-player arcade style game and instant-win scratchcards.

View Study Buddy

Project Arduino

Arduino is a simple micro controller board. Put simply it’s lego on digital steroids; an intriguing prospect for Thales’ niche target audience. After a workshop on how to use the device – delivered by Thales graduates – students were given a kit and asked to build a project related to the Thales business areas, and keep a video diary.

Visit Project Arduino

Keep Warm Box

With reneging on offers becoming an all too familiar story in the grad recruitment industry, this keep warm initiative was designed to make new recruits feel like part of a club, Generation T, before they had even joined. By including a competition around using Sugru, dubbed Problem-solving putty, we also allowed recipients to connect with other new recruits.

Induction guide

Too often the branded experience ends as soon as students click apply, we wanted to continue the brand right through to when candidates join.